Ankara üniversitesi Afrika Çalışmaları Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi (Ankara University African Studies Research and Application Center) (AÇAUM) established in December 3, 2008 is the first African studies center opened under university in Turkey. AÇAUM’s aim is to introduce the African continent, and draw the attention of Turkish public opinion to its history, geography, culture and current problems, and also promote Turkey in African countries and make it known. AÇAUM, which hosted a number of academic, cultural and historical activities in this context, held its first international symposium on March 26, 2015 with the participation of African Higher Education students.

The second symposium was held on December 12, 2018 at Ankara University Faculty of Divinty. The symposium started on Wednesday, December 12 at 14:00 with the participation of  Prof. Sibel Ayşıl Özkan, Vice Rector of Ankara University, Prof. Nahide Bozkurt, Director of AÇAUM, Prof. Ahmet Nedim Serinsu, Vice Manager, Prof. İsmail Hakkı Ünal, Dean of the Faculty of Divinity, TİKA executives, faculty members and students.

The Symposium began with the protocol speeches of Prof. Sibel Ayşıl Özkan, Prof. Nahide Bozkurt and Prof. İsmail Hakkı Ünal. Bozkurt gave information about AÇAUM’s history, mission, vision and activities, while Ünal make a presentation about Faculty of Divinity’s contributions to the academy of our country.

Following the opening speeches, the faculty member of the Faculty of Theology Dr. Şahin Kızılabdullah, as a keynote speaker, presented his paper “Religious History and State of Afro-Americans in the United States”.

Additionally, from various countries of Africa some students participated the symposium and made their presentations. In this sense Aden Jarso gave a speech about Kenya, Faduma Mohammed Abdullahi about Somali, Mustafa Acar about Ethiopia, Sahibe Mande about Burkina Faso and Emine Tayyar-Furkan Demir about the information of Africa in the course books in Turkey.

At the end of the presentations, Prof. Ahmet Nedim Serinsu, AÇAUM Vice Manager, made an evaluation speech about the symposium. The symposium ended with the granting of certificates of appreciation to the participants.