Prof. İsmail Hakkı Ünal

İsmail Hakkı Ünal earned his first B.A. degree in sociology from the Middle East Technical University in 1981 and his second one in divinity from Ankara University in 1982. He became a research assistant in the department of hadith at Faculty of Divinity of Ankara University in 1983. He received his Ph.D. from the same faculty in 1990 with a dissertation on Abu Hanifa’s approach to hadith and hadith methodology of the Hanafi madhhab. He was appointed as an associate professor of hadith in 1993 and became a full professor in 2000. Prof. Ünal was a visiting fellow at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 1987-88 and a visiting professor at the Faculty of Theology of Osh State University in Kyrgyzstan in 1999-2000. He served two terms between the years 2001-2015 as a member of the Higher Council of Religious Affairs of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey. Prof. Ünal has published several books (including his doctoral dissertation published by the Presidency of Religious Affairs, 5th ed., 2017, and a textbook of hadith for high schools), book chapters, and articles in both academic and popular journals.

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