The genuine vision of our Faculty is

To educate students who can evaluate the cultural heritage, demonstrate lifelong learning skills, strive to improve themselves by interiorising knowledge, try to become virtuous, interpret the life and produce solutions to problems by using scientific data.

To contribute to the its field through academic research, to support social development through social responsibility projects held by itself, to pioneer in the field of theology.

The unique mission of our Faculty is

To enable the society to understand and learn religious issues in a true way. To investigate the phenomenon of religion from its basic sources, to evaluate it in the light of new developments, to follow the needs and tendencies of the society and to find solutions to the problems encountered in religious issues.

Furthermore, the Faculty’s mission of promoting a broad, sympathetic understanding of the world’s religions in cooperation with individuals and institutions in Turkey and internationally has assumed a special and compelling urgency. The Faculty enhances intercultural and interreligious understanding and fosters civilizational dialogue across religious communities and nations.