Department of Islamic History

1. Islamic History

The discipline of Islamic History deals with the history of Muslim societies beginning from the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad. It also focuses on the various institutions that have arisen under the influence of Islam. The discipline addresses each and every Muslim nation and state that has appeared in history. It investigates the historical background of these nations and states, their experiences throughout history, their institutions, and their historical significance within the broader framework of Islamic culture and civilization from a social, cultural, political, and economic perspective. Islamic History applies an interdisciplinary approach in its research and utilizes a wide variety of sources, from poetry to archival materials and from written primary sources to archeological remains. Professors Neşet Çağatay, Hüseyin Gazi Yurdaydın, Ahmet Uğur, and Mustafa Fayda are among the noteworthy scholarly figures in the history of the Department.

 2. Current Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Nesimi Yazıcı (Head)

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Sarıçam

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Özdemir

Prof. Dr. Nahide Bozkurt

Prof. Dr. Seyfettin Erşahin

Prof. Dr. Hasan Kurt

Prof. Dr. Eyup Baş

Assist. Prof.  Dr. Halide Aslan

Assist. Prof. Dr.  Nurullah Yazar

Assist. Fatma Merve Çınar

Assist.  Kevser Beyazyüz

Assist. Ferda DEMİR AYCAN

Assist. Muharrem Samet Bilgin